Did you know that for a jam to be a jam it has to contain at least 55% sugar?! 

Wild, right. My name’s Anna and I learned this back in 2018 as I was playing around in my kitchen trying to make a jam that wasn’t filled with s***. I wanted something I could dollop generously onto overnight oats, swirl freely through yogurts or just consume by the spoon. I wanted delicious and nutritious

Everything on the shelf was filled with sugar (or fake sugars that have an awful aftertaste and frankly aren’t much better for you), preservatives, and various other suspect ingredients. What’s more, they all looked like they belonged in my Grandmother’s pantry. So, I teamed up with Steve, and Chia Smash was born. 

We’re challenging the rules and raising the bar on better for you. That means no added sugar (and no sneaky sugar alcohols), no preservatives and nothing artificial. We only use the real, good stuff. 

We’re stoked you’ve found us, and hope to bring some joy and inspiration into your brekkie & beyond. 

Anna & Steve